+ James Turner Productions - Besides being represented by JTP for over 12 years now, I am also a booking agent!  We provide great entertainers for your venue or event! Check us out. 

+ Sweetwater - Ryan at Sweetwater is one of the best in the business to deal with for gear you need fast!

+ The Barns at Hamilton Station - I play at the Barns once a month.  Susan and I got married there. The Barns at Hamilton Station Vineyards is a family owned and operated winery housed on a refurbished dairy farm. Their Cabernet Sauvignon won the 2017 Governors Cup!

+ MELODEE MUSIC - Locally owned and operated!  I have been doing business with Rick Mock (owner) for years and he and his staff are top notch professionals who are quick with a deal and good advice!

+ POTBELLY SANDWICH SHOPS - Great sandwiches and a place that supports local live music!

RESTON SHIRT - The folks that are responsible for all the WWW.LENNYBURRIDGE.COM and LB2 swag that has been sold and given away at the gigs!

+ WOODENCAPOS - Online shop on Etsy!  Leonardo is the man's name and he makes wooden capos!  They are absolutely beautiful and he is expanding!  I got one for Christmas and love it!  Check out his shop! 

+ OFFANDONAGAIN -- Matt Burridge, my son and part time lead guitar player, has a band based in Philadelphia , PA!  Here is their website.  They are on YouTube and Soundcloud as well!

+  Kupcakes & Co. -- A great family owned and operated local business that is just full of deliciousness!  "When deciding what kind of small business we wanted to start, it was apparent from family and friends that we had a “gift”… a gift of baking homemade treats that made many people smile."  Check them out with now 2 locations to enjoy!

Upcoming Shows

Dec 15
Fleetwood Farm Winery
Leesburg, VA
Dec 19
The Fish Market
Alexandria, VA
Dec 21
District Wharf
Washington, DC
Dec 22
District Wharf
Washington, DC
Dec 23
Stone Tower Winery
Leesburg, VA

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